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The secret to beating pain and headaches

Dr. Stephen G. Pappas is a double board-certified specialist who’s been helping Brunswick patients for more than 20 years. They are often amazed when they realize how quickly Dr. Pappas can deliver the lasting results that transform their lives.

The key is in the thorough exam and diagnosis, which allow Dr. Pappas to develop the best personalized treatment plan for you. That may include injections, therapy, medication or a combination approach. It’s his unsurpassed commitment to providing you the right solution for your specific problem that sets Dr. Pappas apart, and it’s his ability to deliver results that makes him a trusted expert.

Dr. Pappas is a specialist in interventional pain management. That means he performs special procedures to treat and manage pain. “Interventional” refers to substances or materials that Dr. Pappas injects or places into the body, such as an injection of an anesthetic or steroid medication in or around nerves, tendons or joints.

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